Premature Ejaculation Facts – 4 Tantalizing Truths About Early Ejaculation You Don’t Want to Miss!

July 20th, 2011 by admin

If you want to understand how to control premature ejaculation, you have to start off with the facts first. After all, how can you cure a condition (common as it is) without understanding the factors behind it?

Fact #1 – Do I have premature ejaculation?

Start with the basics. Do you have premature ejaculation? It is quite common among men. However, I won’t say that you have it if you are just complaining about not lasting an hour in bed. Truth is, premature ejaculation occurs when you ejaculate before you or you partner want you to.

I can understand the frustration and pain you go through when you fail to satisfy your women repeatedly. The good news is that in most cases there is no medical reason behind it. What’s more, it is not something you have to tolerate forever. There are authentic ways in which you can tackle PE for good.

Fact #2 – Why do I have premature ejaculation?

Well, it is usually the result of two factors.

Genetic Programming – This is the result of years of genetic conditioning. Sex is primarily meant for reproduction and not for pleasure. After all, what did cave men care about satisfying their women? It is a genetic programming among men that make them fail to last longer. So take heart. It is not your fault. You are just the result of Mother Nature’s efficient means of human reproduction!

Overly Responsive Nervous System: When men are younger, their nervous systems are more acutely attuned to sexual sensations. As a result, younger men suffer more from PE. Your condition should improve as you get older.

The great news is that with a responsive nervous system, you have less chances of getting an erectile dysfunction (another common sexual dysfunction) even when you age!

Fact #3 – Do I need to go to a doctor?

In all likelihood – no. Of course you can arrange for a visit just to make sure that there is nothing medically wrong with you. After all, you don’t need to go on worrying if a simple antibiotic can clear up your problem!

Fact #4 – How can I satisfy a woman even with premature ejaculation?

The truth is that women vary in the time they take to come to an orgasm during sex. While some may take up to 20 minutes to reach a climax, others may need just 5 minutes! The trick is to understand YOUR woman and how to satisfy her according to what she needs. Does she prefer foreplay? What about oral sex? These are great ways to give her a tantalizing climax before you even begin penetration!

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Exposed! Sex Techniques to Help You Last Longer in Bed (Secret Strategies Coveted by Real Men!)

July 19th, 2011 by admin

Okay, so you have tried huffing and puffing, erotica or holding your breath. But these are not working as well you think they should in helping you last longer in bed. Do not fret!

Here is a list of proven tips and techniques you can use BEFORE and DURING sex that will totally change the game in your favor and enhance your staying power in bed.


Tip #1 – Prepare Well: If you have been practicing your pelvic exercises, you should not have to worry about having an ejaculation prematurely. However, if you still don’t feel quite there yet, masturbate about half an hour early. This will lower your sexual responsiveness and prevent early ejaculation.

Tip #2 – Relax! Breathe lightly and slowly for a good five to ten minutes. At the same time, consciously relax your pelvic muscles. If you can detach your mind from the situation completely, you have already won half the battle!

Tip #3 – Use Help: There are a number of sexy alternatives that can prolong your sexual pleasures. Penis rings, extra lubricants or even climax-control condoms are “emergency tactics” you can use to help you last longer during sex.

Tip #4 – Foreplay: This technique is under-rated but highly effective. Sufficient foreplay will increase her sexual anticipation and get her ready for intercourse. Instead of worrying about being a quick shooter in bed, why not caress and stimulate her for the first 15 minutes? If you can excite her with your fingers and mouth, you can supercharge her sexual desires and even get her to have an orgasm before intercourse. This is straightforward, but not many guys do it.


Tip #1 – Start off Right: Start off sex with slow and deep strokes. After every 4 or five strokes, detach and stimulate her clitoris with your hands. During this time, regulate and calm your breathing. Once you feel your arousal abating, start off again.

Tip #2 – Change Your Positions: This is one of the best ways to delay early ejaculation. You can try a number of positions like the missionary, doggie style or Cowgirl (woman-on-top) and find at least a couple that provide less stimulation to your penis.

Tip #3 – Get Stealthy: When you feel that you are close to an ejaculation, thrust deeply once and stay there. Grind your hips up and down till you feel the excitement receding. This will give you time to cool down and then you can resume your thrusting.

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How to Stop Early Ejaculation & Extend Your Sexual Pleasure For Hours on End (This is Easy!)

July 18th, 2011 by admin

Many men wonder how they can stop early ejaculation during sex. Well, there are very simple steps you can take. These steps will help you last longer in bed and without compromising on your sexual pleasures. Read this now and learn how you can supercharge your sexual stamina and even outlast her every time…

Understand the Different Cycles of Your Arousal

Step #1 – Practice understanding the different stages of your arousal. There are three basic stages of your arousal. Only when you learn the difference between the stages, you can learn how to control them.

Step #2 – Find out what stimulates you the most. You should be able to tell what form of stimulation – including visual arousal and the type of positions that titillates you – that lead to uncontrollable and quick ejaculation.

Step #3 – Control these stimulations. You will need practice before you can perfect the art of lasting longer. You cannot control the physical stimulation your body experiences during sex, but you CAN control the mental response to it. Stay in control of your head and the battle is already half won.

How To Control Your Arousal And Mental Response

Step #1 – Remember, you need to start controlling right at the outset of your arousal. If you let yourself get to the final stage, ejaculation is imminent. Your nervous system will not let you control your ejaculation in the last stages, so don’t even try! Remember, it is not a mind trick – you need to exert control right from the outset.

Step #2 – Think of something that distracts you at the time of arousal. Contrary to common perception, the trick is NOT engage in non-sexual thoughts, but to focus on being sensual, rather than sexual. This will let you enjoy your arousal without fearing premature ejaculation.

Being sensual means that you should concentrate on your body and that of your woman. Don’t just focus on the sexual aspects. Relax and enjoy the whole process. You should be able to feel the sensations all through your body, not just your genital area! Once you learn the art of turning it into a sensual experience, and not just a sexual one, you will be able to last much longer in bed!

Step #3 – Remain calm! Easier said than done, you think? Well, it is easier than you think. Think of a massage you got a few days ago. Did you feel good during it? You did. This is because you were concentrating on your whole body, and not on sex! Try to get into the same mindset during sex. It will help you get a better experience and naturally last longer!

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Suffering From Quick Ejaculation? Use These Breathing Techniques to Boost Your Sexual Endurance!

July 17th, 2011 by admin

Are you suffering from quick ejaculation and wish you could last longer in bed? There are many tips and techniques to cure premature ejaculation and one of the best ways is to regulate how you breathe during sex. The right breathing techniques will relax your mind and body and help you to hold your erection much longer. Want to know how you can breathe away to a longer lasting sex? I thought so too! Keep reading…

The 4-Step Breathing Technique To Superior Control

Step #1 – Take It Slow: Slow and semi-deep breathing is the key to lasting longer in bed. Breathing in too deeply can make it difficult to flex your pelvic muscles. Slow breathing that is shallow and through the nose is best for preventing early ejaculation.

Step #2 – Take a Break: At this stage, you should focus on interspersing your breathing with occasional deep breaths. Every 10 or 30 seconds, take a deep breath and close your eyes. This should be the deepest breathe you are capable of.

Step #3 – Hold Your Breath: Hold this breathe for around 3 seconds and then release it very slowly. This will help relax your muscles and slow down your arousal.

Step #4 – Control Your Thoughts: When you are holding your breath, you should focus all your attention on the sounds and motions around you. Keep any sexual thoughts at bay. This will help you hold and control your arousal better, and allow you to continue to receive physical stimulation without the urge to ejaculate. Do this once every few minutes, so that even when your arousal is at its peak, you will still be very much in control of your body.

3 Steps to Get Synchronization in Your Breath
This is another technique that will prevent early ejaculation. You should keep doing this throughout your time in bed. It is called synchronized breathing and can be very effective when you want to last longer.

Step #1 – Synchronize your breathing with your thrusting movements

Step #2 – This may sound counter-intuitive, but when you are penetrating, try to exhale; inhale when you are withdrawing your penis.

Step #3 – Remember, you cannot do this at every stroke. Your breathing pattern should remain SLOWER than the speed of your thrusts. Perform this form of breathing for every 5 thrusts you make while having sex. This creates a pressure on your pelvic muscles and there is little chance of you ejaculating before time.

Try the steps above and discover the power of using the right breathing techniques to beat premature ejaculation!

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How to Delay Ejaculation & Last Longer – Make Sex Great With These Premature Ejaculation Tips!

July 16th, 2011 by admin

Prolonging ejaculation during sex can be a simple and straightforward process, but most guys are absolutely clueless about it. Not only do you have to control your arousal at the right moment, you also need to keep your mental triggers under control. So what are these triggers and what are the things you should strictly avoid in bed in order to last longer? Let us explore this further…

Are you quick shooter in bed? It is probably due to these…

Apart from a physical reason, the perceptions and emotions you have about sex may be affecting how soon you ejaculate. Some of these factors may be affecting you everyday, without you even realizing it. Take a look at the way some of these emotions may be affecting you:

#1 – There may be certain thoughts that make you come to a climax too soon. If you are anything like most men reading this, you can get aroused in minutes (or even seconds) and ejaculate before you have even had the chance to properly engage in intercourse, let alone please your partner!

#2 – Some of your thoughts and negative attitudes may release a number of hormones in your body. These hormones are directly causing you to ejaculate prematurely during sex.

#3 – Performance anxiety or any form of sexual insecurity in bed are often cited in medical studies of men suffering from premature ejaculation.

So what are these thoughts and how can I avoid them in bed?

There are two main thoughts or actions that affect premature ejaculation. These are what you should always seek to avoid:

#1 – Making sex out to be a big deal: Maybe you enjoy sex a lot and thus being able to perform is very important to you. The trouble is, when you are too excited about sex, for whatever reason, your mind inevitably and subconsciously contributes to the release of the dopamine and testosterone hormones into your blood stream – a surefire way to climax too soon.

No matter how little you have of it, never make sex a huge issue. Just look upon it as one of your daily routines – even if you do not engage in it very often! This is the best way to calm both your fears and your excitement during lovemaking.

#2 – Performance anxiety and fears: Next, get rid of fears and anxiety issues. This is easy and is usually the best solution to premature ejaculation problems. You see, our human mind is the most powerful organ in our body. It gives you just what you expect! So, if you are mentally gearing yourself for failure in bed, that is exactly what you will get! Next time you are indulging in sex, go about it without the pressure to perform, and you will last much longer!

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Exercises to Stop Premature Ejaculation – Are You Missing This Easy Technique For Superior Control?

July 15th, 2011 by admin

There are a number of exercises to stop premature ejaculation. If you invest a bit of time and attention to this problem, there are great benefits you can get from it. Exercises that aim at preventing premature ejaculation actually strengthen the perineal muscles. Take a look at this one easy exercise technique that will help you control your ejaculation (almost miraculously) in just a few short days.

How Should I Go About It?

This exercise technique is very simple. Put in a little time and effort. It will be all worth it. Remember, there is no magic pill that solves your PE problem instantly. But once you give yourself the time and attention, you will enjoy superior ejaculatory control – and better sex – for years to come. Not a bad bargain, is it? Try this step by step guide and become an expert at it!

Step #1 – Hold that orgasm: Stimulate yourself as you would when you are masturbating. Just avoid reaching an orgasm too quickly. Remember, if you try to do it too soon, you will only succeed in getting an ejaculation sooner rather than later. Keep the pace of stimulation slow and unhurried.

Step #2 – Hold on: Just as you are about to ejaculate, clench your perineal muscles (the area right between your anus and testicles) real tight. Flex the muscle in an “up and down” motion and hold it there. You can even flex your abs so that you get better control. Breathe during the time; just don’t take too deep breaths. If you do, you will find it harder to flex your perineal muscles.

Step #3 – Lower it consciously: During this whole period, concentrate on lowering your arousal. This will help you stay calm and relaxed – without feeling like you have lost all the excitement. Isn’t that what you wanted all along? Once you do this for some time, you may experience minor waves – just as you would if you were to have an orgasm. The fun part is that you are still holding strong!

Step #4 – Flex your pelvic muscles: Make sure you keep your pelvic muscles flexed when you are trying this out. Else, you will ejaculate the moment you let go!

The Most Important Thing To Remember Is This…

Time is of the essence when you are practicing this technique – leave it too late and you will not be able to hold back your ejaculation. For this reason, it is very important for you to get into repeated practice as often as you can. This will ensure that you are fully prepared when the moment is just right!

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Unlock These 2 Explosive Tips to Last Longer in Bed (for Embarrassed Men Who Finish Too Soon!)

July 14th, 2011 by admin

“How can I last longer in bed?” This is without a doubt one of the most commonly asked question among men today. There are many men who would wish to satisfy their ladies in the bedroom but remain stuck in their perpetual lack of sexual stamina. Not that they are not willing to go the distance, but their minds are predisposed to cause quick ejaculation during sex. What do I mean?

Our minds are our biggest sex organs

For a man, his ultimate sex organ is not his penis. His mind plays a key role in controlling orgasms and how fast he ejaculates during sex. It is the same for women too. While the clitoris is probably the most sensitive female erogenous zone, it is a woman’s mind that is the “nerve center” that culminates in the pinnacle of lovemaking – the female orgasm. So how do you leverage on this newfound knowledge to boost your sexual endurance? Keep reading for 2 important concepts.

#1 – Boosting your sexual endurance

The “mental factor” has a debilitating effect on your ability to last longer in bed. You are probably embarrassed or even fear the possibility of finishing too soon in bed. So how do you overcome this mental handicap? Confidence is a huge issue here. But think about this: what if it DOES NOT matter that you ejaculate too soon? You see, one of the keys to overcoming early ejaculation lies in how you handle its aftermath. This can be a game-gamer. Try this. Whenever you shoot too quickly, tell her that she has turned you on so much that you could hardly get a hold on yourself, but you would like to continue giving her pleasure. Then proceed to stimulate her body and her sensitive areas. Put your hands and mouth to good use! Your woman will respect you for facing up to your problem and yet continue to seek ways to make sure she is sexually fulfilled. Believe me, this will have an untold effect on your confidence and subsequent “staying power”.

#2 – Getting her primed for a quicker orgasm

Most guys don’t understand this. If you can give her an orgasm sooner rather than later, your ability to last will no longer matter as much – simply because she has already been fulfilled. So spend lots of time getting her warmed up before the actual act. Gentle foreplay is key to building up her sexual anticipation and lowering her threshold for orgasm. Devoting a good ten to fifteen minutes to touch, caress and stimulate her before intercourse will bring her to a climax faster and remove the burden on you to last longer!

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Delayed Ejaculation Cure – Here’s How You Supercharge Your Staying Power (Even If You’re Bad in Bed)

July 13th, 2011 by admin

It does not matter if you are the most skilled lover in the world. If you have a problem lasting more than just a couple of minutes in bed, your sex life is never going to be as fulfilling as a guy who can go on for eternity. Women want to keep a man who can satisfy them in bed and having a short-lived ejaculatory control is unlikely to make them in awe of your lovemaking ability. So the question is: can you boost your staying power and choose when to ejaculate? One in three men around the world would love an answer to this question…

How long is an acceptable staying power?

Most men last between two to six minutes in bed. Well, that might not seem like a long time to enjoy sex. But think about this. Most mammals last no more than 15 seconds during sex, so two and six minutes do seem like an eternity in the animal kingdom! But the truth is, the average women needs around a good fifteen minutes for fully satisfying sex that includes at least one orgasm. So technically you should last that amount of time. And men who have that kind of endurance are often the ones who can give women vaginal orgasms.

Do topical solutions help in boosting your sexual endurance?

There are many brands of desensitizing or numbing creams and sprays available on the market to help enhance your ejaculatory control. But because these products work by reducing the sensation you feel during sex, they are probably not that great a solution after all. You DO want to enjoy sex, don’t you? You should know too that many of these solutions can “rub off” onto the female genitals and make them less sensitive during intercourse too.

Are there natural methods to improve ejaculatory control?

Indeed there are. But we are not talking about natural exotic herbs or the like. None of these are approved by the FDA, so don’t put your health (and your sex life) at risk. One of the best ways to cure premature ejaculation PERMANENTLY is through education, training and conditioning. Education simply means learning how your body responds during sex and what is causing your lack of control. Training and conditioning involves enhancing your body’s natural ability to withstand intense stimulation using techniques such as stress reduction, kegel exercises, relaxation breathing methods and how to “stay in the moment” during sex.

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Stop Early Ejaculation – The Truth About Foreplay & Lasting Longer (You Almost Didn’t Know About It)

July 12th, 2011 by admin

Imagine this. You are in bed with a beautiful woman. Your heart is thumping hard with an anticipation of great sex to come. But as soon as the action begins, that electrifying anticipation fades into embarrassment and disappointment. You just cannot seem to be able to hold your ejaculation, yet again. Around the world, this scenario continues to play out in the sex lives of at least one in three couples. Yes, sex can be a frustrating ordeal when you are grappling with premature ejaculation and cannot seem to last the amount of time to blissfully satisfy her in bed.

Is premature ejaculation a form of illness?

Well, you would be glad to know that it is NOT. It is more of a sexual dysfunction and certainly not a medical condition that requires painful or prolonged treatment. PE is commonly caused by psychological factors such as stress, performance anxiety or even depression. There are some guys who have had adverse sexual experiences in the past that impair their ability to last long enough in bed. The bottom line is that premature ejaculation can be treated, and even often, the solution is far easier that you would probably imagine.

Does foreplay help you last longer?

There is a great discrepancy in the way men and women are aroused during sex. You see, guys are generally turned on by sight. A furtive look at a woman’s naked body is often enough to send the male testosterone levels rising and his mind and body ready for sex. Yet for a woman, the entire lovemaking game is different. Women are turned on much more slowly. Visuals alone are not enough to get her going fast. That is why many sex therapists stress the importance of foreplay in the run up to intercourse. Adequate foreplay that includes plenty of kissing and caressing of her erogenous areas will lower her inhibitions and rev up her sexual anticipation much faster. Foreplay does not technically make you last longer during intercourse, but it certainly helps reduce the time it takes for your lover to reach an orgasm.

And when she does achieve an orgasm – either during foreplay or much sooner during intercourse – the entire game changes in your favor. You no longer feel the weight on your shoulders to perform. This will give you massive confidence in bed, knowing that you have enough “lovemaking arsenal” to fully satisfy her that comes from your fingers, tongue, lips and mouth.

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How to Build Your Sexual Stamina and Last 2 to 3 Times Longer (Secrets to Rock Her World in Bed!)

July 11th, 2011 by admin

Let’s be honest – if you are anything like many men reading this article, you are probably not lasting as long as you would like during sex. Like it or not, for most guys, sexual endurance and sexual confidence are closely related. If you are not lasting long enough, your confidence level is likely to take a beating too. Many men choose to suffer in silence, and many women too choose to gloss over their partners’ inadequacies, assuring them it is no big deal. But your tendency to ejaculate quickly during sex can become a BIG issue in your relationship in the long run, like what many couples are discovering.

But there is good news!

The lack of lasting power in bed can be easily remedied. Most guys suffering from premature ejaculation mistakenly think there is nothing they can do to reverse the situation. That is far from the truth. You see, there are four stages to a man’s sexual arousal. In the “excitement” phase, you are just getting erect and still very much in control of your arousal. At the “plateau” phase, you are fully erect, very aroused, but still in control. At “orgasm” phase 3 your arousal builds up intensely and the amount of stimulation tips over into ejaculation. The last phase is the “resolution” stage where your breathing returns to normal and your erection subsides.

The key to controlling your ejaculation is to extend the “plateau” stage. This means you need to maintain your levels of arousal without allowing yourself to boil over to a climax.

So how do you prolong the “plateau” phase?

There are a couple of technique you will find helpful. First, maintain a steady tempo during your penetration. Allow your thrusts to slowly gain momentum and when you sense you are fairly close to a climax, slow down your actions, and if need be, withdraw entirely from your partner. When the arousal and stimulation taper off, resume your penetration once more. Communicate with your partner why you are doing this. Her support with help you build greater confidence in your sexual ability.

Another technique you should try is to alternate between deep and shallow thrusting. Shallow penetration will stimulate the sensitive nerve endings present within the first 2 inches of a woman’s vagina. Deep thrusting will present less friction and stimulation on your penis head. This will almost certainly help you rock on much longer during sex.

There are plenty more methods you can learn to last longer in bed but these simple techniques will give you a great head start to extend your lovemaking sessions by 2 to 3 fold!

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